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AppointBee AI Review – The World’s First AI Appointment Engine To Start An Appointment Booking Agency and Sell Your Services!

AppointBee AI Review – The World’s First AI Appointment Engine To Start An Appointment Booking Agency and Sell Your Services!

AppointBee AI Review – Introduction

AppointBee AI Review - The World's First AI Appointment Engine To Start An Appointment Booking Agency and Sell Your Services!

AppointBee AI Review – The World’s First AI Appointment Engine To Start An Appointment Booking Agency and Sell Your Services!

In the mesmerizing realm of online business, envision the enchanting transformation that unfolds when an AI-powered tool, whether in the form of software or a WordPress plugin, emerges as a guiding star. This celestial marvel bestows upon us the power to create appointment booking funnels that not only captivate but also convert with a resonance that touches the soul.

Imagine a universe where this AI-powered beacon becomes our cosmic collaborator, crafting appointment booking funnels that are not just functional, but emotionally compelling. The emotional resonance of offering our audience a seamless and engaging booking experience is a testament to our commitment to their needs and convenience.

Furthermore, this tool is like a cosmic artist, infusing our booking funnels with aesthetic brilliance and strategic efficiency. With each interaction, potential clients are drawn into a symphony of engagement that culminates in the desired action. The emotional satisfaction of watching our booking rates soar is a melody that echoes success.

In this cosmic dance, the AI-powered tool transforms our online business by creating appointment booking funnels that convert. Potential clients embark on a journey of trust and resonance, culminating in appointments that promise genuine value.

The emotional connection forged through these experiences fosters lasting relationships, enriching our brand’s reputation and impact.

The arrival of an AI-powered tool in our online business cosmos heralds a new era of growth and engagement. The ability to create appointment booking funnels that convert not only streamlines our processes but also elevates the emotional bond between our brand and its audience.

As we embrace this cosmic tool, we step into a dimension of possibilities, etching our names among the brightest stars of online excellence.

AppointBee AI Review – Overview

AppointBee AI

Product AppointBee AI
Vendor Harshal Jadhav et al
Relaunch Date 8 August 2023
Launch Time 11:00 AM EST
Front End Price $27
Refund 30 Days-Money-Back Guarantee
Discount >>> CLICK HERE TO CHECK <<<
Niche Software and Tool (WordPress Plugin)
Recommend Highly Recommended

AppointBee AI Review – What is it?

AppointBee AI is the next generation of the industry-leading appointment scheduling platform, with support for any specialty and any device. It has a robust client finding function that identifies venues without an appointment system.

Customers may now easily schedule appointments via simple chat interactions, showcasing the power of AI. AppointBee AI Leads is a comprehensive client finding SAAS that complements the already powerful WordPress appointment booking application.

AppointBee AI eliminates the need for clients to manually arrange appointments, make payments, or reschedule meetings. A website or booking page that looks great is included.

To top it all off, an agency license is included so that you can build AI-powered appointment booking websites for any local companies in your area and bring in a flood of bookings for them.

The goals of this feature-rich platform include maximization of appointments, leads, sales, and revenue. The number of scheduled appointments you keep and the number of times those appointments are canceled may both increase dramatically with a simple five-minute setup.

The automatic SMS reminders, mobile scheduling, GoToMeeting connectivity, and unlimited users are just a few of the enterprise-level capabilities offered by AppointBee AI’s online appointment scheduling software.

The software is helpful for small companies since it simplifies the method through which appointments can be scheduled online for both employees and customers. It relieves the burden of calendar administration on company owners and administrators by automating a variety of functions, such as scheduling dates and confirming appointments.

AppointBee AI’s intuitive interface may be adjusted to meet your needs. Even though consumers may set it up on their own, the seller provides free setup support.

AppointBee AI streamlines and automates the scheduling, payment, landing page, and support processes for your business. This integrated scheduling system is flexible enough to meet the demands of any business, from a huge university to a solo practitioner.

AppointBee AI Scheduling streamlines your day-to-day operations by handling mundane but necessary duties like meeting management, confirmation, reminder mailing, and online payment acceptance.

AppointBee AI makes it simple to advertise your business’s offerings and suppliers’ availability, luring both existing and future clients to schedule appointments with you with less work on their part.

Using the consolidated appointment scheduling app means no more back-and-forth through phone or email. Change the way you do business by adopting features like automatic payments, marketing, and online booking that are available around the clock.

AppointBee’s cutting-edge AI can quickly increase reservations and foot traffic for any local company. Fees of the hundreds of dollars a month or more should be expected from them. On the other hand, you may act as an artificial intelligence appointment scheduling service for different companies.

In subsequent sections of our AppointBee AI Review, we will reveal the full extent of this extraordinary solution.

AppointBee AI Review – Features and Benefits

✅  Artificial Intelligence Eliminates Conflicting Reservations:

AppointBee AI incorporates safeguards to avoid multiple reservations. AppointBee’s AI will notify the user and provide an alternative time if their preferred appointment time is already taken.

✅  Schedule Office Hours:

Schedule any time off, meals, and meetings that you or your client may need. AppointBee is a scheduling bot that can only accept appointments at times when you or your clients are free.

✅  A.I. Is Willing to Take Prepayment:

AppointBee AI differs from conventional scheduling software in that it enables you or your customers to collect money at the time of booking. This is much appreciated by the local companies since it guarantees their payment and decreases the number of “no shows” by 30% on average.

✅  Calendar Integration with Google:

With the click of a button, AppointBee AI may be synchronized with the Google calendar of either you or your customer. Appointments made in Google Calendar and those made by AppointBee AI will both appear in one convenient location for you and your customers.

✅  AI Will Remind You Via Email & Text Message

Appointment reminder emails and text messages are sent out automatically by AI to ensure that scheduled meetings are not missed. You may automate the process of bringing more consumers and reducing no-shows for your client. leads to increased profits for your company and that of your client.

✅  An Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Client Dashboard:

You and your customers can keep track of appointments with ease thanks to the calendar view. Artificial Intelligence now takes customer responses and uses them to schedule appointments.

✅  Collect email addresses for your client:

Gather email addresses from guests when they make reservations so that you or the business owner may send promotional material down the line. Provide a solution that handles all of their email marketing for them and watch the monthly payments roll in.

✅  Multiple Customers Per Organization:

Many professionals (doctors, dentists, chiropractors, roofers, etc.) employ assistants or secretaries who handle scheduling. AppointBee allows you to create individual scheduling portals for each member of your team inside a unified “umbrella” system for your business.

✅  Super Simple to Implement:

With a few simple mouse clicks, you can have your business or first customer up and running in no time. They lay out each and every step for you, and you won’t need any prior experience or training to utilize it.

✅  Simple Appointment Data Export:

You and your customers may quickly export appointment and statistical data for use in the future. It just takes one click to export data in Excel format.

✅  Convenient Scheduling:

Taking care of appointments has never been simpler, both for you and your customers. In one convenient location, you can see upcoming and booked times and dates. It’s also simple for prospective buyers to use. The online booking form looks great, is simple to use, and responds quickly on mobile devices.

✅  Formatted for Mobile Viewing:

With AppointBee, your client will never miss a booking due to a poorly designed form that is difficult to fill out, since it works flawlessly across all platforms and screen sizes. Customers can easily schedule appointments on the go with just a few touches, no need to strain at tiny displays or pinch and zoom to see details.

✅  Internal Weblog System:

You can use this to tell people more about your goods and services, get more people to schedule appointments with you, and get free Google traffic. Use the theme’s built-in slider to showcase photographs to attract readers, establish your credibility, and upgrade the aesthetic of your site.

✅  Reporting on Sales in Real Time:

Give your staff or client easy access to information about previous deals, upcoming appointments, customer information, and payments all in one place. The report portion is simple and straightforward.

✅  Insert Additional Services and Highlight Them:

Integrate a Slew of New Services into the AppointBee AI Platform. Exhibit your offered services inside a slick booking system that looks great on every screen.

✅  Wide-ranging Time Slots:

When users submit their scores to social media, your quiz might quickly gain traction. Your social media traffic will increase exponentially at no cost when you post the aggregate quiz results with your followers.

✅  There are 5 Different Embed Options:

Inline, Popup, Bottom Right Floating, Right Bottom AI Chat, and Let Bottom AI Chat are the five Embed Anywhere types that may be used to include AppointBee AI. Include in your blog posts, web pages, or learning management system (LMS).

✅  Find New Customers:

AppointBee AI is also useful for generating leads. You may decide whether the produced appointments will be used as a Lead. Integrate with your preferred autoresponder to facilitate lead pushing.

✅  Accepting Payments Via PayPal:

AppointBee AI allows you to accept payments from your clients using PayPal when you connect your business or personal account. You may change your PayPal at any time.

AppointBee AI Review – How It Works?

Appointment generation with AI may begin in only 3 easy steps on any website, landing page, or content management system.

✅  STEP #1: Login & Setup AppointBee AI For Your Business

Login To AppointBee AI and Do Your Business Settings such as Setup Services, Staff, Timings, etc. So AI Can be ready to work for you while you run your business or sleep

✅  STEP #2: Deploy it On Your Website/Pages

Copy Simple Embed Code from the AppointBee AI Dashboard and embed the AI Chat anywhere you like, such as Landing Page, Website, CMS Pages, etc.

✅  STEP #3: It Starts Generating Appointments

Done, Start Collecting Leads Using AI. People Talk To AI via Chat, AI Helps them out setup Appointments on one of the available slots.

This is an invaluable service that will always be in demand since local business owners need to book appointments with their customers, so this is an absolutely evergreen business that can keep stuffing cash into your pocket for years to come.

Investing in AppointBee now will immediately aid local business owners in streamlining their booking processes, tripling their appointment volume, and ending their wasteful spending on expensive call centers and software!

Watch Powerful Software Demo of AppointBee AI!

AppointBee AI Review – Rating

AppointBee AI Review Rating
  • Easy To Use
  • Feautres
  • Quality
  • Support
  • Price
  • Bonuses


  • Setting up the plugin is simple and takes just a single mouse click.
  • AppointBee AI is highly customizable to fit the look and feel of each individual business.
  • Case studies reveal that the software has helped increase appointment attendance by 300 percent while simultaneously decreasing the number of no-shows.
  • Friendly to newcomers, thanks to a straightforward interface and few configuration options.
  • AppointBee AI is lucrative since it provides a needed service to small companies.


  • Those unfamiliar with WordPress plugins may find the first setup to be particularly challenging.
  • The absence of advanced functionality may be a problem for larger enterprises with more intricate requirements.

AppointBee AI Review – My Opinions

AppointBee AI’s simple set up and effortless melding with my preexisting website were nice surprises for my web-based company. In place of hours spent on design and development, I now have a client booking system that is both beautiful and mobile-friendly.

This speedy rollout let me concentrate on what really mattered: expanding my client base and increasing my income.

The ability to make unique appointments was what really sold me on AppointBee AI. The booking system’s flexibility in adapting to my customers’ preferred color palette and design aesthetic let me present my offerings in the most favorable light.

A few mouse clicks and I was finished. By tailoring my customers’ booking sites to their specific needs, I was able to boost their credibility and visibility online.

AppointBee AI stands out because to its consistent history of producing useful outcomes. Case studies and my own experience show that appointment reservations for clients increased dramatically.

The use of AI in the booking process eliminated the possibility of multiple reservations, and the option to pay in advance cut no-show rates by more than 30 percent. The results spoke for themselves; my customers’ companies thrived, and I made a tidy sum.

AppointBee AI’s claims of being fast and simple to use are spot on. The time and effort required to set up a booking system that is compatible with mobile devices was reduced to 5 minutes. Creating events and calendars was a snap thanks to the clean interface and few customization options. This allowed me to devote more time to expanding my company and less time to solving technological problems.

AppointBee AI is a trustworthy and worthwhile business. The interoperability with various WordPress form builder plugins and the smooth connection with Google Calendar have opened up many possibilities for my company. The plugin’s speed and dependability also set it apart from the competition.

AppointBee AI stands out from the crowd because to its intuitive design, broad personalization choices, and robust integration features.

It’s really efficient and works well with other programs, unlike cumbersome plugins. Real-world examples and financial success make it a top pick among online and brick-and-mortar company owners.

AppointBee AI has been invaluable to the success of my online company, and I would recommend it to anybody without hesitation. In comparison to other appointment scheduling options, it stands out for being user-friendly, flexible, and financially rewarding.

AppointBee AI is the best option for local company owners and online marketers who want to increase appointments and cut down on wasted time. It has been a legitimate, trustworthy, and fruitful investment that has helped my company grow to new heights.

AppointBee AI Review – Who Should Use AppointBee AI?

AppointBee AI is totally perfect for….

✅  Affiliate Marketers

✅  Content Marketers

✅  Product Creators

  Video Marketers

✅  Email Marketers

✅  Lead Generators

✅  Ecom Store Owners

  Service Providers

✅  Coaches

✅  Trainers

✅  Small Business Owners

✅  Consultants

✅  ANYONE Looking For FREE Traffic, Leads, And Sales!!

AppointBee AI Review – Price and Evaluation 

AppointBee AI has 1 Front End and 4 OTOs as follows;

✅  Front End: AppointBee Agency + Training ($27)

AI Appointment Engine To Double Appointments for Any Local Business. Easy Setup, Starts Working in 5 Mins. agency Rights Included + Full Training on Getting Clients

✅  OTO 1: AppointBee AI Pro + AppointBee Leads ($37- $27/Qtr)

This Secret Software Will Uncover Thousands of Hungry Local Business Owners Who Are Ready To Pay For AppointBee AI Appointment Booking Services!

✅  OTO 2: AppointBee AI DFY ($67)

10 Done For Your AI Appointment Booking Websites To Instantly Sell To Biz Owners

✅  OTO 3: AgencyBee AI ($47)

Own 100% Done For You Video Agency Website Specially Crafted to Attract Local Clients and Sell AppointBee AI Services with Ease.

✅  OTO 4: AppointBee AI Whitelable Reseller ($$97 – $147 – $247)

Completely Rebrand This AI Appointment Booking Software as your own and sell to your clients under your company brand


A sincere “thank you” for taking the time to check out my AppointBee AI Review. To that end, I am hoping that the information provided here was helpful to you. When you preorder this package, you will get a number of benefits. Take advantage of the situation right away to ensure you get the best deal. 😊


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AppointBee AI Review – 5 Special Bonuses From Me

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


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