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Booqs Review – The World’s #1 “AI-Powered” App That Turns Any Website, Blog, Article, URL, Keyword and VSL Into A Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook!

Booqs Review – The World’s #1 “AI-Powered” App That Turns Any Website, Blog, Article, URL, Keyword and VSL Into A Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook!

Booqs Review – Introduction

Booqs Review - The World’s First “AI-Powered” App That Turns Any Website, Blog, Article, URL, Keyword and VSL Into A Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook!

Booqs Review – The World’s #1 “AI-Powered” App That Turns Any Website, Blog, Article, URL, Keyword and VSL Into A Fully Designed eBook Or FlipBook!

Get ready for a revolution in online business that’s nothing short of groundbreaking! Introducing the world’s first “AI-Powered” app, a game-changer that transforms any website, blog, article, URL, keyword, or VSL into a meticulously designed eBook or FlipBook.

But that’s not all – brace yourself as this magical creation then seamlessly sells itself in our exclusive private marketplace, all while active readers contribute to a staggering $584.45 in daily profit. And here’s the kicker – you won’t have to write a single word!

Imagine a scenario where your online presence transcends the mundane, where your content isn’t just noticed but becomes a coveted masterpiece. With this AI-powered app at your fingertips, your digital landscape becomes an ever-evolving library of eBooks and FlipBooks, crafted with precision and presented with finesse.

The private marketplace aspect is your golden ticket to a dedicated audience. Picture a space where your creations aren’t lost in the vastness of the internet but are showcased to active readers, eager to absorb your content. This isn’t just a marketplace; it’s your personal stage where your creations take the spotlight, attracting profits like moths to a flame.

And let’s talk about the financial transformation – $584.45 in daily profit is not just a number; it’s a testament to the earning potential that this AI-powered app unleashes. It’s the kind of financial influx that transforms your business from surviving to thriving.

The best part? You won’t need to engage in the tedious task of writing. This isn’t just about saving time; it’s about freeing yourself to focus on the creative aspects of your business while the AI handles the heavy lifting.

So, if you’re ready to catapult your online business into a realm of unparalleled success, if you’re ready for an app that’s not just smart but genius, then the moment to seize this opportunity is now. Say goodbye to conventional and hello to a new era where profit meets innovation, courtesy of the world’s first “AI-Powered” app!

Booqs Review – Overview


Product Booqs
Vendor Seyi Adeleke
Relaunch Date 12 December 2023
Launch Time 11:00 AM EST
Front End Price $17
Refund 30 Days-Money-Back Guarantee
Discount >>> CLICK HERE TO CHECK <<<
Niche Tool and Software
Recommend Highly Recommended

Booqs Review – What is it?

An increasingly important characteristic in a market overflowing with inferior AI technologies is the capacity to produce material that is 100% human-like; Booqs stands out with this capability. Create reports, whitepapers, eBooks, flipbooks, and sales presentations with the help of Booqs, the first AI-powered software of its kind.

Anyone looking for effective, high-quality digital content solutions will find what they need on Booqs, from content creators and marketers to entrepreneurs.

Your eBooks can be easily sold on Booqs’s built-in marketplace, which supports multiple payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, and bank accounts. This feature streamlines the process of monetization and opens up a direct path to earning money.

Another great thing about Booqs is how versatile it is. It takes seconds to transform any input into a professionally produced eBook or Flipbook, including keywords, URLs, blog posts, articles, queries, and even voice commands. Those who use a variety of sources to develop their material will greatly benefit from this adaptability.

In addition, Booqs syndicates eBooks to more than 50 periodicals, increasing the exposure of your material and maybe leading to purchases. The traffic that is being syndicated is not random; it is highly targeted and designed to convert.

The platform’s AI is powerful, with a language model that outshines ChatGPT-4. In a flash, it can generate original, high-quality eBooks, FlipBooks, PDFs, and more.

In addition, you may use the platform’s marketplace to contact engaged readers and prefill eBooks with your links to increase traffic. By doing away with the requirement for conventional writing, design, and research, Booqs streamlines the eBook creation process.

In terms of productivity, content quality, design skills, and its one-of-a-kind marketplace for direct sales, Booqs stands head and shoulders above other eBook publishers. It’s an all-inclusive marketing and content development tool, not merely an eBook generator. One more perk of Booqs is that it’s cloud-based, so it works on any device.

Booqs is a great tool for many different types of users, from small enterprises to individual content makers, thanks to its affordable price and extensive functionality. A revolutionary step forward in content creation, it claims to be able to transform a basic keyword into a whole eBook in less than a minute.

Booqs simplifies the sometimes daunting task of making an eBook with only a few clicks, making content production more accessible and paving the way for innovative approaches to digital publishing and marketing. I will demonstrate its power in the following sections of this Booqs Review, so don’t hesitate to do so!

Booqs Review – Features and Benefits


Here is the Booqs’ Features Booqs Can Do For You!

✅  1-Click AI eBook Generator
Creating an eBook used to be a very hard task…

✅  100% Human-Like Content
You don’t have to worry about Google or anyone detecting that your content is AI generated…

✅  Plagiarism Free Content
Your content is 100% unique to you… Booqs doesn’t scrape or reuse content…

✅  1-Click FlipBook Designer
Creating content is only the first step… But a plain ebook is boring to the readers… And it won’t do you much good… But what if you can take that unique content and turn them into beautiful flipbooks or fully designed eBooks.

✅  AI Researcher
Doesn’t matter what niche you’re in… AI can research and create the best content possible…

✅  Generate FlipBooks, Presentations, PDFs, eBooks, Sales Materials, And More
Booqs doesn’t create just eBooks… With Booqs you can create much much more All in less than 40 seconds…

✅  3D eCover Generator
Instantly create 3D eCover for your eBook without any designing skills. You don’t need photoshop, Canva, or even hiring a designer…

✅  ​Create AI Story Books…
Ever wanted to launch your own Storybook series? Now you can with Booqs… Booqs will turn any niche you want into a full storybook.

✅  Instantly Create Story Illustrations
What’s a story without illustration and graphics to keep the reader entertained? This is what Booqs can do for you with the power of AI.

✅  Choose From Pre-Made eBooks
Don’t wanna generate a new eBook? Cool, just choose from our professional templates & easily customize to your taste.

✅  Fill Your eBook With Your Links
Booqs app allows you to insert any link you wanna promote into the eBook…

✅  DFY Mid-Ticket Offers
Even if you don’t have something to promote… Booqs comes with DFY mid-ticket offers that pay $200 – $400 per sale.

✅  Create AI FAQ eBooks
Create an entire eBook based on any question… Just ask Booqs any question… And it will turn that answer into a full eBook…

✅  Voice To eBook
Turn your thoughts into eBooks… Booqs Comes with voice recognition 10x better than Siri and Alexa.

✅  Built-In Marketplace
Don’t wanna publish on Amazon? Or do you think it’s not enough? That’s no issue, Booqs comes with a built-in marketplace where you can sell your eBooks on… And earn big paydays from it…

✅  Traffic Syndication
What’s good for an eBook if you don’t get traffic and sales from it? This is why we integrated the most robust AI traffic generation feature… With just a few clicks, you will get your eBook or flipbook in front of tons of readers…

✅  Traffic Funnels
It doesn’t matter if you wanna publish your eBook or not… With this feature… You can let AI determine which is the best traffic for you…

✅  AI Features Better Than ChatGPT-4
Booqs is NOT “another eBook generator”. Booqs is an AI brain that will do everything for you… It with a better language model than chatGPT 4.


Here Is What You’re About Benefits To Access!

✅  Booqs Never Seen Before App – (Worth $997)

✅  Booqs 3D E-Cover Generator – (Worth $997)

✅  Booqs Contents & Design Generator (Worth $697)

✅  Booqs E-Book Marketplace – (Worth $997)

✅  Booqs Mobile Edition – (Worth $497)

✅  Training Videos – (Worth $997)

✅  World-Class Support – (Worth A LOT)

✅  Booqs 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event – (Worth $1997)

✅  Booqs Article Site Builder – (Worth: $497)

✅  Booqs Etsy Profits Secrets – (Worth: $697)

✅  Booqs Internet Marketing Goldmine – (Worth: $997)

Total Value Of Everything YOU GET TODAY: $10,367.00

Booqs Review – How It Works?

You’re Just 4 Clicks Away From Dominating Any Niche Without Writing A Word, Instantly Create Stunning eBooks Fully Designed… And Let AI Syndicate It To Tons Of Buyers…

Login to Booqs Cloud-Based Dashboard

Enter One Keyword And Instantly Generate a Fully Designed eBook, Reports, Flipbook, PDF, Lead Magnet, And More…

With One Click, Let AI Syndicate Your eBook Across Tons Of Buyers In Any Niche…

Yup that’s it. For Each eBook We Create, We Get Automated Sales.

Watch Booqs In Action In This Video…

Booqs Review – Rating


  • Automatic and high-quality eBook, flipbook, report, whitepaper, and sales presentation generation powered by artificial intelligence.
  • Flexibility: can take a wide variety of inputs, including keywords, URLs, blog entries, and even voice commands, and turn them into digital products with a professional appearance.
  • Streamline your monetization process with the built-in marketplace. It features an integrated platform for selling eBooks with multiple payment choices.
  • Syndication of Content: Sends authored eBooks to more than 50 publications, greatly expanding exposure and maybe generating more traffic.
  • The interface is user-friendly because it is made to be simple and easy to use, so anyone can use it, regardless of their level of experience.
  • Utilizes a language model that is better than ChatGPT-4, giving content quality that is competitive, thanks to advanced AI technology.
  • Efficient Use of Time and Money: Dumps the Time and Money Needed to Create Content.


  • Compared to content that is made by hand, the amount of room for personalization may be limited, even though there are numerous templates and options.
  • There may be a learning curve associated with this product because new users need to get to know all of its capabilities and the best way to use them.

Booqs Review – My Opinions

Being an accomplished marketer and content creator, I’ve had the chance to test out a number of AI technologies that aim to make the process of creating content easier. Among artificial intelligence apps, Booqs stands out for its ability to generate sales presentations, white papers, reports, flipbooks, and eBooks.

Booqs produces content that looks and sounds quite human. The amount of work and time needed to create material is cut in half with this functionality. With Booqs, you can transform any piece of content—a mere keyword, a blog post, or even your voice—into a full-fledged eBook or Flipbook.

Both content developers and marketers will be blown away by the ability to create a comprehensive eBook or Flipbook in seconds.

There is a real opportunity for users to earn money through the integration of payment systems like PayPal and Stripe, which allows them to sell eBooks directly through its marketplace. You can use Booqs as a tool for content development and promotion by syndicating your eBooks to more than 50 magazines.

This will increase your traffic and sales dramatically. When compared to more conventional approaches to content production, Booqs is both more cost-effective and more time-efficient.

One thing that sets Booqs apart from other AI tools is the human-like quality of its content. Booqs adds a useful e-commerce component by providing a direct marketplace for selling developed content, unlike many competitors.

Booqs stands out from the competition thanks to its quick turnaround time and variety of input choices (keyword, URL, voice, etc.).

The simplicity and efficacy of Booqs are what make it appealing to content creators. The tool guarantees top-notch content quality while saving time. Notable among such technologies is its direct marketplace feature, which offers an immediate platform for commercialization.

Booqs is an all-inclusive solution for digital content development, marketing, and sales; it’s not simply a tool for making eBooks and Flipbooks. With its built-in marketplace and capacity to quickly produce high-quality, human-like material, it is an invaluable tool for digital marketers and content creators.

Because of its adaptability, user-friendliness, and ability to generate revenue directly, it stands out from the crowd. For individuals seeking to simplify their content creation process and investigate new sources of income, Booqs is an excellent investment because of these reasons.

Get the biggest bonuses from the seller and my own amazing bonuses highlighted in the last part of this Booqs Review if you act fast!

Booqs Review – Who Should Use Booqs

Booqs Is PERFECT For Anyone & Everyone….

✅  Affiliate marketers

✅  Email marketers

✅  CPA marketer

✅  Coaches

✅  Ecommerce

✅  Crypto

✅  Blogger

✅  Influencers

✅  Course owners

✅  Local businesses

Booqs Review – Price and Evaluation 

Booqs has 1 Front End and 8 OTOs as follows;

✅  Front End: Booqs ($17)

✅  OTO 1: Unlimited Edition ($67)

✅  OTO 2: DoneForYou Upgrade ($297)

✅  OTO 3: Automation Edition ($47)

✅  OTO 4: Swift Profits ($47)

✅  OTO 5: Limitless Traffic ($97)

✅  OTO 6: Agency License ($167)

✅  OTO 7: Franchise Edition ($97)

✅  OTO 8: Multiple Income ($47)

Booqs Review – FAQs

❓ Do I need any experience to get started?
None, all you need is just an internet connection. And you’re good to go

❓ Is there any monthly cost?
Depends, If you act now, NONE. But if you wait, you might end up paying $997/mo. It’s up to you.

❓ How long does it take to make money?
Our average member made their first sale the same day they got access to Booqs

❓ Do I need to purchase anything else for it to work?
Nope, Booqs is the complete thing. You get everything you need to make it work. Nothing is left behind.

❓ What if I failed?
While that is unlikely, we removed all the risk for you. If you tried Booqs and failed, we will refund you every cent you paid. And send you a bunch of bonuses on top of that just to apologize for wasting your time.

❓ How can I get started?
Awesome, I like your excitement, All you have to do is click any of the buy buttons on the page, and secure your copy of Booqs at a one-time fee.


In the realm of digital content creation, Booqs is a giant leap ahead. As a result of its user-friendliness, marketplace integration, and AI-driven efficiency, it is a priceless asset for digital content creators looking to make an impact.

The digital landscape is constantly changing, and Booqs is well-positioned to play a significant role in the creation and publishing of information.

Please accept our sincere appreciation for taking the time to peruse the Booqs Review. Truly, I pray it has helped you make a more informed selection. Time is of the essence if you want to take advantage of this offer, as there are numerous incentives for those who act early. 😊


Contact me if you have any issue to claims my special bonuses (email me: or click here. I will help you to get multiple income streams with my special bonuses.

Booqs Review – 5 Special Bonuses From Me

You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 2 steps below:


  • STEP #2: You Will Get ALL CLOUD BASED SOFTWARE Bonuses BELOW and remember to contact me through or click here if you’d face any issue for getting the special bonuses from me. I will contact you back within 12 hours.


TikTok Ad Training Kit:

Do you find it difficult to make a name for yourself in the cutthroat world of digital marketing? If you’re ready to up your marketing game, get this incredible “TikTok AD Training Kit” HD video training course and get started with TikTok to reach new audiences, make new connections, and implement new solutions.


2K ChatGPT Sales and Marketing Prompts:

These prompts serve as starting points or guiding instructions for AI models, allowing you to generate responses or complete tasks. By providing a prompt, you give the AI model a specific context and direction, enabling it to generate relevant and meaningful outputs. They’ve also included links to the sales and marketing prompts vault.


Social Media Infographics:

Looking for a compilation of social media infographics? You’ve found it! There are four social media-related infographics here that you may customize and even resell. A Photoshop (PSD) file is included with every infographic so you may modify it to suit your requirements.


The Savvy Entrepreneur:

Here’s your chance to take your career to the next level with immediate access to a 10-part training series. You may get these video guides and practice at home on your own time.

The Complete Reference to the Successful Entrepreneur’s Frame of Mind, Tactics, and Beyond. Successful startup owners are willing to take risks, but only after carefully weighing the potential benefits of doing so.

How To Startup A Passive Side Income With Very Little Money Upfront:

Earning money in a passive manner allows one to do it without exerting undue effort. The finest techniques and tactics for starting to earn passive income as soon as today are outlined in this paper.

When starting a firm, what options do you have for earning passive income? Entrepreneurship relies heavily on passive revenue, which may be a great source of funding for new company owners. Finding the most appropriate passive income opportunity might be challenging for starting company owners, but there are several from which to choose.

More Alternative Marketing Tools and Softwares:

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